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Tierra Bendita is a family enterprise dedicated to agriculture in El Salvador. It began operations in 1994 with sugar cane in the western coastal region in Ahuachapán. Its focus in farming is to work with nature through agro ecological practices, aimed to improve the soil quality to provide adequate plant nutrition. These practices allow it to produce environmentally friendly and healthy harvests.

In recent years, through crop diversification and agroforestry programs, Tierra Bendita began working with land reforestation projects throughout its various crops. Today it continues its activity primarily with sugar cane. In addition, it produces and exports micro lots of specialty farm food products, such as coffee and for the national market, cacao, coffee, honey, tea and basic grains commodities.

Our Approach

Healthy Harvest! Clean Farming!
At Tierra Bendita we believe the journey to high quality products begins at the seed and nursery. We work with biofertilizers, bocachis, and natural composts for plant nutrition, as an alternative to the use of chemicals that are harmful to the health and the environment.

Through our reforestation and agroforestry initiatives, we set up demo parcels which now serve as subjects for studies by agricultural engineers, researchers and experts interested in the application of these natural fertilizers and its outcome.