Single Origin Coffee

The world’s finest Arabica coffee beans come from tropical climates, influenced by soil, elevation and farming conditions, among other factors.  These are all conditions found in El Salvador and make of the country one of the best Arabica coffee producing country.  Tierra Bendita through its initiative “Biokrop” has been working with small producers, improving farming best practices.  This allows for our beans traceability and high quality.  Our beans are single origin, harvested in microlots from selected farms nested atop El Salvador’s coffee producing mountain corridors.

We export directly single origin coffee, fresh from our latest harvests of Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara and San Pacho, which are the main coffee varieties produced in El Salvador. Our processes vary from naturally sundried in patios and African beds, to washed and/or semi washed.
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Farm to Cup

Roasted Specialty Coffee

Las Veraneras Farm
Coffee Variety: San Pacho
Coffee Mountain Corridor: Apaneca Ilamatepec

Our San Pacho beans come from finca Las Veraneras. A farm highly regarded for its agroecological methods. It is one of the few farms in the country to work with self-sustained and healing practices, producing its own composts, and natural fertilizers for plant nutrition. Beans are resistant to the Roya rust, shade grown, benefiting from the climate and volcanic, tropical soil of El Salvador’s Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. The drying process the farm applies is in raised African beds to obtain a natural sundried-honey process, after cherries are carefully picked during the harvest. The perfect combination of climate, hands and its agro-ecological farming system, bring out a pleasant cup with notes of citrus fruits, medium bodied and low acidity it proudly shares.

Recommended roast: Medium or Light Dark
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Las Nubes Farm
Coffee Variety: Pacas
Coffee Mountain Corridor: Alotepec-Metapan

Pacas coffee variety was discovered in Santa Ana in 1949, a natural mutation of Bourbon, having similar characteristics but reduced sweetness. Finca las Nubes is nested in El Salvador’s coffee producing mountain range of Alotepec-Metapan, and is privileged for the region’s climate, most appropriate for a natural sundried honey process. Las Nubes farm has specialized in recent years with the honey drying process of its Pacas variety beans. A light medium roast level is recommended to enhance the bean’s intensity and complex notes. The result: a pleasant fusion of melon and peach combined with chocolate notes.

Recommended roast: Medium
Available retail and whole sale while supplies last.
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Raw Honey 100% Natural

Raw Honey 100% Natural
Tierra Bendita raw honey comes from bees who feast on the nectar of tropical flowers. Hand harvested in small batches, from beehives settled deep within the tropical forest of Las Veraneras farm in the mountain range of Ahuachapán. Depending on the blossom of the season, our honey is mono or multi-floral from tropical flowers including Campanilla, Pepeto, Mulato, Volador, Coffee and Cacao flowers among others.

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Small Batch – Fine Aroma Cacao
Is it reforestation? Is it good cocoa? It’s both!
In 2015 Tierra Bendita embarked in an exciting project collaborating with Alianza Cacao, an initiative of Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and Caritas in El Salvador. The aim was not only about planting new trees but to recover an endangered crop, cacao! With this agroforestry system our cacao is growing happily under plantain and moringa trees shade, at the sea level. And side by side coffee trees at medium altitude. The projects opened room to add tropical timber trees such as Cedro, Brasil, Cenicero, Chaquiro and Caoba helping to recreate natural tropical forests.
This is an ongoing project and we continue to work in the postharvest stage perfecting our drying, fermentation and final transformation of the cacao beans. Tierra Bendita invites you to try our amazingly delicious cacao products:

Cocoa Powder, Roasted Cocoa Nibs, Artisanal Chocolate, Cocoa Shell Tea, Paste of Cacao Liquor.

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We offer private seasonal tours during the coffee picking season (November or December) and/or during the peak of the coffee blossoms, “Flourescencia” (April or May). Our tours vary depending on the size, the season and time of the year. We try to be accommodating and include in the program a guided tour of the farm, coffee tasting, and light snacks.

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